Gracyanne Barbosa exibiu seu corpo sarado em um ensaio sensual de ring girl. A modelo posou para as lentes do fotógrafo Daniel Pinheiro e usou luvas de boxe rosa.

Gracyanne é muito solicitada para participar de eventos esportivos, principalmente de MMA e de lutas em geral, e esse ensaio foi feito justamente para divulgar esse lado do trabalho da morena.

Na próxima semana, Gracyanne embarca para a Europa. Ela passará três dias em Londres  para participar do lançamento de produtos destinados à malhação e saúde do corpo.

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  1. Anônimo says:

    Belissima Gracy.......

  2. Gracyanne Jacobina Barbosa
    "Lustful Aggressor"
    Level 30 Weapon Master; Succubus Disciple

    Race: Human/Demon (Half-Demon)

    Armor Set: Wrathful Breast Wraps of the Succubus
    Armor Class:5
    Atk Bonus:+40 Unarmed/+70 Gauntlets of Infinite Lust

    *Love Lariat
    *Soul Eater
    *Painful Pleasure
    *High Chance of Infatuating humanoids (Male and Female).

    Always combining beauty, offense and a lot of seduction, Gracie's forms are always welcome and liked by every player. This one is no exception.

    This very rare promotional character is a weapon of mass destruction. Called by some players as "The Man Eater", Gracyanne's 'glass cannon' form is a fearsome one. With brutal 95 Strength plus 70 attack bonus, she can wipe most low-level characters on a single blow.

    Her traits are tailored to perfection. Even with VERY low armor (5 AC only), the "Soul Eater" trait will allow you to sacrifice your "Love Lariat" summoned construct to instantly heal 50% total health, while "Painful Pleasure" will mitigate most physical damage, turning 10% of it into health, and granting her an extra attack.

    Loved and hated by many, the "Lustful Aggressor" is a very powerful character, and just a few have ever seen it during battle. If you have a PLENTY(I MEAN IT! PLENTY!) of credits, and if you ever see it on auction, go for it, this brutal sexy beast is a lovely sight in any collection.

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